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A Curiosity Piqued Series

A Curiosity Piqued – The Last Straw
Upcoming release – Coming End of November 2023

Slice of life/Mystery/Fantasy

Do you like: alternate magical worlds, worldbuilding exploration, alternate history, police procedural style mysteries and plenty of slice of life?

A Curiosity Piqued is all about that. The Last Straw starts a series of episodic stories exploring an alternate version of our world where magic is a normal part of everyday life. Studied as a science it has greatly changed the world. These shorts explore that world building as curiosity takes me through the eyes of characters living in that world. Their ordinary lives and some extraordinary happenings.

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Hi I’m Emerald or Emmy (They/Them), a creator of various things from art to games to writing, with far too many WIPs on the backburner.

I’m a game developer, writer, artist and generally creative individual who enjoys telling stories in various forms from games to art. I believe in everything having a story and apply this even to my art. There is always something going on, something to say or a secret to be uncovered.

Light of the Oubliette

A mystery visual novel. Our protagonist wakes in the cells of a fort with no memory. Their fellow prisoners claim to know them but soon the guards arrive only to claim otherwise. With both sides giving different stories the protagonist must investigate to find the truth of who they were.

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Magic Act

A mystery/romance novel set in a magical hidden world. It’s a story about a trans kid who sees something they shouldn’t have and in escaping they end up falling into the home to fae and other folklore beings. Unfortunately, the one after them is also there. To stay hidden they have to fake magic so that no one looks twice. However, it’s a hard job to trick the fae and while they have help can they really trust anyone there?

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