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A Curiosity Piqued

A Novella Series

Do you like: alternate magical worlds, worldbuilding exploration, alternate history, police procedural style mysteries and plenty of slice of life?

A Curiosity Piqued is all about that. The Last Straw starts a series of episodic stories exploring an alternate version of our world where magic is a normal part of everyday life. Studied as a science it has greatly changed the world. These shorts explore that world building as curiosity takes me through the eyes of characters living in that world. Their ordinary lives and some extraordinary happenings.

The Last Straw

Slice of life/Mystery/Fantasy

Aelfraed breaks under the pressure of his life at university under the heavy handed gaze of his father. Slipping out in the late hours he takes a spur of the moment trip to see his brother, Aethelric. He hopes for just some time to get away from the stress however his luck is severely off. A weekend to clear his head turns into stumbling upon the attempted murder of a baker, the appearance of his father and the worst dinner party of his life.

The Medallion Heist

Coming 2024!

Slice of life/Mystery/Fantasy

There is an interesting exhibit opening at a museum in Newcastle, unfortunately during the opening night celebrations an item is stolen and they are coming back for the centrepiece… the very cursed centrepiece.