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August Project Updates

How the Month has gone

August has been a month of recovery, mental health is something I am trying not to neglect and improve how I deal with my work around recovering from burn out. It has been slow but I’ve managed to get some important things done that should keep going into September.

What’s been happening

This month the Website got launched, a little later than intended but it’s here! Even more importantly I found my desire to create again after working hard to get out of the creationless depths of burnout.

How the projects have been going


A good portion of August was spent on getting content on this website, I’ve been spending my time collecting together things from various places to pull together. It’s been some time coming and still has a lot to come in the future.

Light of the Oubliette

This game had fallen onto the back burner along with many projects due to my burn out but I’m happy to say that it is on the back burner no longer! This month we did the first project stream in a while, and I can say it was great to be able to go the full two hours without loosing momentum.

Currently the focus is on the script, the goal is to get that done first before starting to code so that I know what I want mechanically from the game. It will take a little while but I’ll be working on this regularly.

Looking forward to the next month

Next month is September and unfortunately that means things are going to get busy beyond my creative work. At some point in September if things go to plan I should be having the last placement of my course. During this time streams will reduce and there will be less time for project work. I still intend to pick away at what I can of the projects and get streams done but be prepared for a little unpredictability.

How to support these projects going forward

If you want to support these projects or any of my other projects there are a few ways you can do that. A nice comment or sharing will always make me smile, and that is a good motivator. However if you want to go further than that please consider buying something from the shop, dropping a sub through patreon, twitch or just a one off donation through Ko-fi. Honestly anything is appreciated!