Home of Masked Emerald Creations


Well well well, what’s this? A website? Yes. This is the secret project I’ve been working on for a little while now. And now it’s live! So welcome to my website, the home of my creative pursuits from now on.

Why a website?

While I like the unscripted freeform of streaming on Twitch which isn’t going anywhere, I wanted somewhere to collect my thoughts and ideas in a more organized way. Somewhere I could bring all my projects together, no errant webcomics to work out the best host site for, no blog on another site, no shop somewhere else again.

A central website will help keep everything together and cost less than it would to host these things in scattered places as I was already doing with World Anvil and Etsy.

So what is going to be here?

Pretty much everything I create, webcomics, a shop, world building and blog posts on game dev, other project updates and whatever is on my mind. Twitch will still be the home to my streams and I’m still going to be using my normal socials but this just consolidates things.

Moving forward

Going forward there will be monthly project updates on the blog, talking about the progress of the various projects! You’ll be able to find pages and blog posts about the projects, their world building and all sorts of other things.