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Magic Act WIP Zine

In getting ready for the convention the other weekend I’d managed to find time despite all the chaos to print a little WIP zine for Magic Act the YA LGBTQIA+ Romance with creepy fae that I’m writing. Today it is now available on my Patreon! I would have had it there first but time ran away and I’ve only just recovered from the energy drain that was the convention and IRL chaos. However there is no time like the present! So here it is Masked Emerald | creating stories in everything | Patreon for all Patrons paying £1 and up.

What’s Magic Act?

Magic Act is a YA LGBTQIA+ slow burn romance with some mystery and horror thrown in. If you like creepy fae, fish out of water stories and characters crushing on their risky ally then this might be your kind of thing.

What’s a WIP Zine?

A little zine about a project with the goal of helping fund the physical print run in 2025. Featuring a never before posted snippet, some talk about the world building and about the characters (including how they’ve changed through out the work on the latest draft)

Additionally anyone who becomes a paid member even for just a month while I am working on Magic Act will get a special bookmark for helping to fund the printing of the book when they buy the physical book.

If any of this catches your attention then consider joining my Patreon! Not only do you get this teaser but plenty more in the future if you stick around and some stuff that’s already there too.

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