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Magic Act

Magic Act

Coming 2025

Magic Act is a YA LGBTQIA+ slow burn romance with some mystery and horror thrown in.

It’s written from the POV of a trans teenager who sees something they shouldn’t have. A chase and a fall soon follow, right into the pocket dimension the being chasing him calls home. Said pocket dimension is home to the tricky and confusing fae of folklore. To survive he has to fake magic and being fae with not much more than a makeover and the actual magic tricks up his sleeve. It’s a hard job to trick the fae, he has help… but can he trust that help when they too are fae?

Expect: Fae, Blue Orange Morality, Awkward First Crust, I’m terrified and can’t trust you to awkward crush I’m not sure is safe to have, Questionable Motives, Trust Issues, magic tricks, pretending to be fae, fish out of water.