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Medallion Heist

The A Curiosity Piqued Series will continue in 2024 with:

The Medallion Heist

There is an interesting exhibit opening at a museum in Newcastle, unfortunately during the opening night celebrations an item is stolen and they are coming back for the centrepiece… the very cursed centrepiece. 

“Seriously you just won’t quit.” He groaned as Aelfraed cut him off again.

“Hand it over.”

“Not happening, these things are going to net us a very pretty penny.”

“Great you’re getting paid…” Aelfraed groaned, “you realise how dangerous that is right?” The gloves on his hands said yes but the casual way it hung from his fingers said otherwise.

“I’m not stupid,” he snapped. That insinuation hit home. Aelfraed had a bad feeling something had happened with the first medallion.

“Please, hand it over before someone gets hurt.”

“Not a chance. You want it back you’re going to have to catch me,” he taunted before barrelling towards the edge of the building and leaping into the air.

This snippet is a work in progress and may change between now and the release of Medallion Heist.