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NaNoWriMo Project 2022

November is a little way away but I’m already thinking about NaNoWriMo. While I have a couple of projects active, I don’t think that they are the thing for NaNo. With Light of the Oubliette, I don’t want to aim for a word count especially when it’s a script not a novel, the same goes for comic scripts and the story I am currently editing. Currently I am planning to work on Magi PI, a rewrite/first draft (I only completed the first short) with a solid world building base this time. That means before November I need to get some world building done. The goal isn’t to know everything, some room to explore is nice but enough that solving the mysteries is not handwavy. The information to solve it should be there in the story.

World Building Goals

How does magic work?

If magic is to factor into the mysteries, then I need to know the practicalities, how it works, what are the limitations as the world currently knows them, what are the limits for an individual Vs a group and what are the costs of its use.

What is the society like?

With this being an alternative reality story, I want to build up a society that is grounded in my alterations. Not as straight forward as dropping the historical culture in and calling it a day. Time has passed and also magic exists. That is going to have impacts in politics, religion, academia and the everyday lives of the people living in the time period.

What Technology is Available?

With magic being a thing in the world it’s going to affect what inventions are invented, what is in common use and what things are more of a curiosity or not needed as a result of magic.

So, throughout September and October I will be blogging about the world building and updating the Magi PI area of the website with key details. This does not mean the other projects are on hold, I will be working on them and blogging about them. The plan is to have at least one blog post per week and each one will be available early to patrons and twitch subs.