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September Project Updates

How has the Month gone?

This month has been really good for creativity, that motivation I found last month has continued. A lot of project work has gotten done and I feel quite motivated to go into October!

How the projects have been going?

Figments of Newcastle

Figments of Newcastle is a fairly new project, I’ve had the idea for a while and it’s nice to finally get started on it. The project is a series of paintings using landscapes and landmarks from the local area but with a fantasy world laid over the top. The things I see if I let my imagination runaway with me as I walk around the local area.

Work in progress of Emerson Chambers drawing with a dragon on top.
Current WIP

The first of many is a painting of the Emerson Chambers building which for as long as I can remember has been a Waterstones bookshop (After some research I learnt that it was originally built to be a restaurant and was that for a long time). The building is a fantastically strange one with so many windows and features that I really felt while drawing it that I had gotten in over my head with such a difficult drawing first. This subject is rather out of my wheelhouse, but I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge it is presenting. The overlaid fantasy in this case is an essence of magic, books flying out the windows, strange people on the little balconies and a Dragon lazing on the roof, rather like a cat.

So far, the painting is about halfway through the inking phase. It’s taking longer than usual with the detail level in comparison to my other art, but it will be worth it. If things go to plan it should be finished around mid-October after which prints will be available and I will be starting another using the old open-air pool in Tynemouth and what else would I be sticking in it other than mermaids?

Magi PI

The worldbuilding for this year’s NaNoWriMo story has begun, so far it has mostly been pinpointing the rules of how the magic works. Still a little flexible because new discoveries are interesting too but for the sake of making mysteries not just “A Wizard Did It” (Technically they did? Everyone has magic after all) I need to have that worldbuilding in place. It’s not fun reading a mystery only for the answer to be handwavy and when fantasy is involved that needs some rules (Bend them yes but breaking should be used sparingly).

Later in October I intend to do a little planning for the stories but still going to leave a lot of the first draft to my exploration style of writing.

A Kind of Freedom

So, this isn’t a project I’ve talked much about outside of a couple of streams, it’s the story I am currently editing… and really, I find that the worst part of writing a book. However, I’ve gotten back into the process and hopefully soon I can say that I hate editing less as I get better at it.

Light of the Oubliette

The script for the game is still in the detailed outline phase but thanks to the jealous nature of the muses I found myself getting past a block later in the story after Light of the Oubliette got jealous of the progress, I was making elsewhere and decided to throw a plot brick at me. So now I have the answer to how all players get to experience a particular event rather vital to the later game story! Can’t say much more without spoiling a twist.

Looking forward to the next month

Next month is spooky month! Hoping to get the first Figment of Newcastle finished. Will absolutely have to finish worldbuilding for Magi PI because NaNoWriMo looms. We’ve got a QuestSnacks DnD session towards the end of October, we’ll hopefully be breaking the siege finally! And I’ll be doing a spooky stream on Halloween (This may change to the day before if work hits.) it will be all day spooky and spoopy games, tune in and watch me cope with horror and chill out with the spoopy. (Planning to change games every couple of hours but points can be used to make me change too!)

How to support these projects going forward

If you want to support these projects or any of my other projects, there are a few ways you can do that. A nice comment or sharing will always make me smile, and that is a good motivator. However, if you want to go further than that please consider buying something from the shop, dropping a sub through patreon, twitch or just a one-off donation through Ko-fi. Honestly anything is appreciated!