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Some Plans for Next Year

End of the Year Plan

I am rather drained so I’m going to start my Xmas holiday a little earlier than planned so I can take my time with things. It’s been a long year but a good one! So my next streams will be next week!

Saturday 30th – The Start of the Baldur’s Gate 3 Play through!

Sunday 31st – Streaming till the Fireworks Stop sims 2 medieval long stream

Next Year Plans

Streams – MaskedEmerald – Twitch

  • Mondays – Writing Streams
  • Tuesdays – Gaming Streams
  • Wednesdays – Art Streams
  • Thursdays – Project Stream
  • Fridays – Crafty Stream
  • Saturdays – Gaming Streams
  • Sunday – Gaming Streams

Gaming Stream Plans – Baldur’s Gate 3, Guild Wars 1 RP Play through Challenge, Dragons Dogma 2 (in March), Rotation 2 of the Sims 2 Medieval Megahood!

Other Plans

  • Round up posts for Sims 2 Medieval Megahood Rotation 1
  • Polished up journal entries for my current Skyrim play through (not a stream but I’ve been writing them)
  • A Curiosity Piqued book 2 The Medallion Heist towards the end of the year
  • More markets and events
  • Getting as far as possible with Magic Act the other book I’m working on
  • Getting the office finished!
  • Posting some of those writing experiments I was talking about a while back