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Spark the Fires Chapter 1 – The Mine Fire Investigations Part 1

A fire has started in the mines of the Wiverester Mountains near Ares the home of our players. It has been ten days since the mines caught fire and in that time there has been a push to get it under control and help survivors. Our players are without work in this chaos and for one reason or another have taken an interest in the request for information that has been posted in the Under District Square.

They met with Detective Bernard who was known to some of the players, Rex had seen him from time to time in the tavern while Grace had had her own previous run ins with the Detective. Rex was the first to join the detective after Shakey his gaming partner quickly made his exit on the detective’s arrival. There they heard the events as told by the mine company owner Mr Kolden and the Foreman. The Owner accused Gloria Right, a rival company owner while the Foreman spoke of the survivor Lyra who they believe was responsible but could have been paid off by Gloria. Lyra’s name was miss heard as Liar by Rex and Grace. During the conversations it came to the party’s attention thanks to the Detective’s Warforged partner that the detective is meant to be on holiday and appears to be rather stressed.

The party chose to go to the mine first knowing it was still on fire, some with the intention to help and others interested in the potential information. On the road they encountered some miners who were without work thanks to the fire looking to make a quick buck. They were quickly disarmed having been little threat even when desperate. Rex and the Detective noted after the miners were gone that they were being followed by someone else. They called out for the person to reveal themselves but fellow player Lyra chose not to reveal herself just yet.

They arrived at the mine to a flurry of activity as people work to help survivors. Rex and the Detective go to talk to the Foreman to find out what the situation is while Grace manages to sneak in to the mine, in the high vis I’m meant to be here kind of way, mistaken as a prepared rescuer. She finds in there some lost equipment but little else before rejoining the group. Rex and the Detective convince (Rex threatens) a trainee wizard Berich to accompany them into the mines to offer them magical protection from the heat and lack of air.

Lyra joins them going into the mines and helps to move the fire with her magic as they progress. They find the starting point of the fire. The site of an explosion concluded after investigation by the Detective and Lyra to be of magical origin and something to do with the crystal shards. The Detective took a selection of these shards for further study.

Following that players headed back to town after more time spent helping, intending to meet in the morning to continue the investigation.

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